Traditional vs. Agile Marketing: 4 Scenarios When Agile Marketing Saves the Day

Why does agile marketing matter?

Because you can't predict the future and your business depends on reacting quickly.

If you think your ads are fine without real-time technology, think again.  In today’s quickly changing environment and social nature of the web, your business can’t afford to miss a beat.  

Take a look at the scenarios below.

- The poll results from a popular industry magazine were revealed and its great news: your company was voted #1 in customer service.  You’re excited to share the news in your online ads, but it would take another month to build them from scratch.  Now what?

- A customer makes a spoof about your product and it’s gone viral.  There are over a million views on YouTube -- and counting.  You want to react quickly to participate in the conversation, and update your display ads accordingly.  But your current display solution doesn’t allow for quick changes.  Now what?

- An unexpected storm just hit the midwest.  As a retailer, you’ve changed the store promotions to reflect the need for cold weather apparel, but all your display ads feature t-shirts and dresses. You know this means missed business and confused customers.  Now what?

- The celebrity who raved about your product was the media's darling child 8 weeks ago.  You’ve just finished a much-anticipated, costly campaign when you flick on the TV to see your spokesperson in a scandal and your ROI going down the drain.  Now what?

If you still subscribe to the traditional form of marketing with 6 month timelines and rigid, fixed executions, it could be time to re-evaluate ways to infuse agility into your marketing.  If not, you could be missing opportunities to connect with your customers and capitalize on unexpected marketing goldmines.